Twin Cylinder Diesel Engine

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The largest difference between air cooled diesel engine and water cooled diesel engine is the heat transfer method. Water cooled diesel engine transfers its heat indirectly through radiator with the cooling medium, water. While air cooled type delivers its energy directly through air. Air-cooled diesel engine is distinguished for small size, light weight, reliable performance, high adaptability, easy installation, and convenient maintenance.


With a variety of advantages, air cooled diesel engine has found wider and wider applications. It can be used on diesel generator sets, diesel water pump sets, outboard diesel engine, diesel welding generator, all-terrain vehicle (ATV), diesel machinery for agriculture, etc.


Advantages of Air-Cooled Diesel Engine:
- 1. Our air cooled diesel engine adopts patented technology, featuring low oil consumption, little vibration, and good emission effect
- 2. The injector is from BOSCH and the main bearings are from NSK, endowing the engine with reliable quality and long service life
- 3. All of our diesel engines have been given durability tests. They have low failure rate, stable performance, and large load bearing capacity


Typesingle,4-stroke,air-cooled,direct injection
Piston total displacement(ml)456
Rated power/rated speed(kw/r/min)7.5/3000      8.3/6000
Lubricating wayforced & splashing
Starting wayrecoil/electric
Rotation direction of output endcounter-clockwise
Fuel tank capacity(L)5.5
Fuel consumption(g/kw.h)<=275            <=295
Lube oil capacity(L)1.65
Net weight(kg)<=53
Advantage:New patent,seriation products.Low fuel consumption,low emission.The same dimension size as 186F diesel engines,but more powerful(30%).Small dimention and light weight.