Open Frame Diesel Generator, WS12000/WS15000/WS16500

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Applications of Diesel Generator Set
Generally, diesel generator set is applied in highway construction, post and telecommunications systems, high-rise buildings, entertainment venues, communications facilities, nuclear power plants, hospitals, and industrial factories, etc.
- 1. Winsun diesel generator set is characterized by large power, low noise, small volume, light weight, and low oil temperature
- 2. We have conducted durability test for each diesel generator set to make sure they run stably with low failure rate and large load bearing capacity


Model15000 Seriation
Rated frequency(Hz)50    6050    60
Rated output power(KVA)11.2  1212.5  13.2
Max.power(KVA)12.0  12.513.5  14.0
Rated voltage(V)230   240400/230   416/240
Rated current(A)48.7  5018.0  18.3
Phase NO.SingleThree
Power factor0.9(lag)0.8(lag)
Pole No.2
Output socketSingle-phase socket,wiring terminalThree-phase socket,single-phase socket
Excitation modeBrush,exciting-self voltage-constant(with AVR)
DC12V output12V,8.3A
Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)870*630*700(Half-closed)             1090*670*910(silent)
Net weight(kg)195(Half-closed)      259(silent)
Noise at 7m(db)82(Half-closed)                  70(silent)
Engine modelR2V870
Cylinder No.-bore*stroke(mm)2-88*72
Total displacement(ml)870
Compressed ratio20:01
Cooling wayair-cooled
Lubricating waypressure & splashing
Starting wayelectric
Fuel used0#(summer)       -10#(winter)       -35#(cold winter) light diesel
Lube Oil usedSAE10W30(CD grade above)
Lubricating oil capacity(L)2.3
Starting motor capacity(v-kw)12V,1.4KW
Dynamo capacity(v-a)12V,8.3A
Battery capacity(v-ah)12V,45AH
Fuel consumption under full loading(L/H)4.2       4.84.2      4.8
Fuel tank capacity(L)25(Half-closed)                   63(silent)
Continuous running time     (open frame H)6.0       5.26.0      5.2
Continuous running time     (silent H)15        13.115       13.1